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Terms of Use

The KSV1870 Nimbusec GmbH (hereafter referred to as nimbusec)provides shellray as an independent and charge free service that enables the scan of uploaded files for viruses and malware as well as the detection of webshells and rootshells.

By using shellray the Client agrees to be bound by the Privacy Policy, the Service Level Agreement and the Terms of Use laid down by nimbusec.

Modification of Terms As right now shellray is a service provided free of charge, nimbusec reserves the right to change, update, amend or modify these Terms of Use at any time. Particularly can it be totally removed from the website without any further information or become liable to charges after sufficient written notice.
Modifications are announced on this page.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability for Damages The contribution to an increase in security on the internet and more safety for its users is one of the major aims of nimbusec.

nimbusec is making great efford to ensure a detection of malware as extensive as possible and to comply with the latest state of the art. In accordance with the best knowledge and belief, nimbusec keeps its services complete and up to date but must be explicitly pointed out that nimbusec does neither guarantee an errorfree function at all times nor the detection of every malware existing.
A liability for secondary or other damages caused by inaccurate or incomplete results delivered by shellray is not assumed by nimbusec.

No warranty or liability for damages is provided for products and/or services supplied free of charge by nimbusec. This exclusion shall not be applicable in cases of grossly negligent or intentionally caused damages or in cases of injury of life caused by nimbusec. The Client bears the burden of proof.

Copyright and Data Protection Any user of shellray has to carefully choose the file to be uploaded as with it the linked right of use is likewise transferred to nimbusec.
Uploading the file is taken as permission to comprehensively process, transfer, safe or use this file in any other way. The Client alone is liable for unauthorised violation of third party rights.
nimbusec explicitly is not liable in any case of violation of copyright and data privacy law of third parties linked with uploaded files.
The automated use of shellray is prohibited.

By using shellray no personal data is collected or stored. For further information about collection, storage and use of data please refer to the Privacy Policy of nimbusec.

Miscellaneous Additional the General Terms and Conditions of nimbusec remain in force (see